Celebrating Thayer: Engineering Beyond Boundaries

Drew Endy Th'98, Faculty of Bioengineering and Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University

Saturday, May 17, 2014, 6:-00-9:00pm

GlycoFi Atrium

Drew Endy
Drew Endy Th'98. Photo by Sam Ogden, Photo Researchers, Inc.

The Student Chapter of Dartmouth Society of Engineers presents an evening for students, faculty, staff, and alumni featuring keynote speaker Drew Endy Th'98.

Tickets are $15 for students and their guests, and $40 for faculty, staff, and alumni and their guests. Tickets can be purchased at celebratingthayer.eventsbot.com.

About the Speaker

Drew Endy Th’98 helped start the newest engineering major, bioengineering, at both MIT and Stanford. His research teams pioneered the redesign of genomes and invented the transcriptor, a simple DNA element that allows living cells to implement Boolean logic. In 2013 President Obama recognized Endy for his work with the BioBricks Foundation to bootstrap a free-to-use language for programming life. He has been working with designers, social scientists, and others to transcend the industrialization of nature, recently co-authoring Synthetic Aesthetics (MIT Press, 2014). Drew is also a co-founder and director of Gen9, Inc., a DNA construction company.

For more information, contact Jonathan Guerrette at jonathan.c.guerrette.th@dartmouth.edu .