Building the RedShift: Startups, Design, and Breaking Markets with BRD Motorcycles

Marc Fenigstein ’01 Th’04, CEO and Co-Founder, BRD Motorcycles

Friday, January 20, 2012, 3:30pm

Spanos Auditorium

This seminar is part of the Jones Seminars on Science, Technology, and Society series.

The breathtaking BRD RedShift is the first production electric vehicle to outperform the gas equivalents, and it does so at a price point of $15,000. It utilizes a drivetrain and chassis developed from scratch to achieve a magnitude leap in performance over what was thought possible in electrics. It came not from a major manufacturer, or even a Google-backed startup, but from four guys with a machine shop in San Francisco. Marc joins us to share what it takes to start a product-driven company in a digital world, build ground-breaking technology with limited resources, and bring a disruptive vehicle to a conservative market.

About the Speaker

Marc Fenigstein is CEO and co-founder of BRD Motorcycles (, a San Francisco-based electric vehicle company that recently launched the RedShift line of motorcycles. After a youth spent building or taking things apart, climbing up or jumping off things, Marc nabbed an Engineering and Studio Art degree from Dartmouth. After moonlighting a bicycle startup when he was supposed to be consulting, Marc returned to Thayer for a B.E. and M.E.M. and found his stride mashing engineering, art, and business into a lumpy goo. Before BRD, Marc worked in venture capital, in strategy consulting at BCG, and at frog design inc. creating products, software, and services while teaching his clients how to innovate.