Electrical Engineering Seminar: Advanced Microfabrication Techniques

Professor Axel Scherer, Thayer School of Engineering

Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 4:15-5:15pm

Cummings 202

Professor Scherer will be presenting on some of his research interests including his work in advanced microfabrication techniques used to construct optical, magnetic, and microfluidic nanostructures. These structures are included in functional devices such as microcavity lasers and high density magnetic storage media.

Refreshments at 4.15 pm
Talk starts at 4.30 pm

The Wednesday Evening EE Seminar Series is an every-other-Wednesday informal seminar given by the EE faculty, graduate students, and occasional visitors to Thayer School of Engineering. The scope is electrical engineering including power electronics, integrated circuits and sensors, optoelectronics, electronic materials, and biomedical electronics.

For more information, contact Leo Anzagira at leo.anzagira.th@dartmouth.edu.