Thomas Clark '22
Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
Dartmouth House: Allen
I'm from: Mountain View, CA

Here's why I'm involved in DEE:
"My favorite part about engineering is the problem solving process— specifically working together to find creative solutions to problems. Being a TA for DEE gives me the opportunity to share this love of problem-solving with prospective students and hopefully ease the intimidating burden of prerequisites that being an engineering major requires."

What I want you to know about DEE:
"Feel free to come to say hello even if you don't have specific problems or questions. I am always happy to chat with people about engineering or Dartmouth or the merits of whiteboards vs chalkboards, so never be afraid to swing by even if you are not stuck on problem 3 of a pset due the next day."

Fun fact:
"At the age of 16, I won a flower arranging competition in an English village."