Edmund Aduse Poku '22
Double major in (Electrical) Engineering and Computer Science
Dartmouth House: East Wheelock
I'm from: Ghana

Here's why I'm involved in DEE:
"I joined DEE because of its devotion to the consistent creation of the right environment that allows TAs like myself to engage thoughtfully with and provide support for aspiring Engineering students while fostering a great connection between them and the beauty and fun in Engineering -- something that easily gets lost in the midst of trying to navigate stressful classes."

What I want you to know about DEE:
"Are you thinking of giving up on Engineering already because you couldn't grasp a seemingly simple concept in class or just don't see the point in going on after an unexpected grade from a test in one of the prerequisite classes for Engineering? Or, perhaps, do just want to try your luck with Engineering? Try DEE then -- the DEE community understands how easy it is to get lost in classes at Dartmouth. Dartmouth is no doubt an academically stressful and fast-paced environment. However, with our belief in you and our willingness to freely work with you, we go all the way to help you prove to yourself that you can do it no matter what it takes. We do our best to not only provide you with the right pointers that will help you navigate your classes easily but also try to bridge the gap between you and the Engineering community at Thayer so that you feel like a true community member. So, definitely bring your questions or come talk to us!"

Fun fact:
"I coded on a quantum device for the first time this summer."