David Perez-Gonzalez '21
Engineering sciences, Applied Math, and Physics
Dartmouth House: South
I'm from: Cali, Colombia

Here's why I'm involved in DEE:
"As a freshmen, I struggled a lot in trying to decide class schedule, what classes with what professors are better...etc. I also made some mistakes and took classes I wasn't adequately prepared for. I want to be able to save other students the hassle, headaches, and mistakes I made in trying to find my path during my Dartmouth career."

What I want you to know about DEE:
"This organization should be something you turn to when you want advice on issues that don't always have to be solely based in academics. It should be a group of people who have been through many similar experiences, both academically and in life, as you that can advise you. View them as friends/mentors that are looking out for you and are trying to help you find the path that best suits you and lines up with what you want."

Fun fact:
"I can speak two languages, Spanish and English."