Damian Medina '23
Prospective Engineering Sciences mod. Computer Science and a minor in Math.
Dartmouth House: North Park
I'm from: Leadville, Colorado

Here's why I'm involved in DEE:
"I got involved in DEE because I went a lot as a freshman. I really needed help in my engineering pre-reqs, attended as many DEE sessions as I could, and it was so essential to my success in several classes. DEE was such a supportive community during my first year that I knew I wanted to pay it forward by being part of that supportive community that welcomes first-year students and makes their freshman experience easier and generally better."

What I want you to know about DEE:
"DEE truly is a community and support system. Of course, don't hesitate to come to us if you're struggling, but also come even if you just want to study with others, meet fellow first-year engineering students, or get amazing advice from upperclassmen who were in your shoes! DEE is here to welcome you with open arms!"

Fun fact:
"I've summitted the tallest mountain in Colorado, Mt. Elbert, which is also the second highest peak in the contiguous United States."