Abby Wiseman '22
Engineering and Earth Science double major
Dartmouth House: Allen
I'm from: Williamstown, MA

Here's why I'm involved in DEE:
"I wanted to get involved with DEE because I remember how stressful taking all the engineering prerequisites were my first year. It's great to have people to turn to who are not chemistry, math or physics majors and can connect more with what your interests are, as well as understand the practical applications of what you're learning. I remember being overwhelmed by the knowledge of chemistry the chem 5 TAs had and really benefitting from meeting with Engineering students who had not taken Organic Chemistry and spoke in words I understood."

What I want you to know about DEE:
"Learning to ask for help is a big part of Dartmouth and DEE is a really great environment to get extra help or just talk through difficult concepts. Asking for help can certainly be intimidating at first but know that we all want to help and are excited to work with you."

Fun fact:
"I've never broken a bone."