Dartmouth Emerging Engineers is here to help.

We know that the road to engineering can be a challenge. Students often struggle with prerequisite courses before they even take an engineering course. We’ll help you get through the tough spots so you can reach your goals. We offer:

  • Free group study sessions
  • Empathetic TAs
  • Advising from engineering faculty
  • A community of engineering students
  • Invitations to engineering events
  • Study munchies

Free Group Study Sessions

Remote sessions available, via Zoom, 7-10 pm EST
Please register on our canvas page HERE for more info!





Kavi & Josh

MATH 8, 13; PHYS 14, ENGS 20


Garret, Ander & David 

MATH 8, 13; PHYS 14, ENGS 20


Catherine, Lyndsi & Sosa 

MATH 8, 13; PHYS 14, ENGS 20


Peter, Sydney & Gracie

MATH 8, 13; PHYS 14, ENGS 20


Catherine , Delia & Caroline 

MATH 8, 13; PHYS 14, ENGS 20

Advising and Events

Study Sessions Start – March  29, 2020


About DEE


This purpose of the DEE program is to improve the first-year experience of students entering Dartmouth with an interest in engineering. As part of the program we provide support and mentoring to these students in order to ensure they gain a solid academic foundation prior to beginning engineering courses.

Read about DEE in Dartmouth Engineer:
Smoothing the Road to Engineering

What we do

  • Train upper-class engineering TAs to provide support to rising engineering students as they work through the prerequisite courses.
  • Organize advising events with Thayer professors.
  • Invite students to events at Thayer, such as project presentations and machine shop tours.
  • Help students connect with upper-class students, graduate students and professors.
  • Connect rising engineering students with each other.


Teaching Assistants

“Some of our best engineers could come from that person who might give up if there’s not another person saying that you can do it.”

—Ebony Smith ’18, DEE member and TA