Edward "Skip" P. Stritter '68

President, Stritter Consulting, Menlo Park, CA

Board Member: 1999–2023

AB Dartmouth College
MS Stanford University
PhD Stanford University

Edward "Skip" Stritter graduated from Dartmouth with an AB in mathematics in 1968. Following graduation, Mr. Stritter worked at Bell Laboratories for two years. He then went to Stanford University where he received his MS and PhD degrees in computer science.

From 1976–1979, Mr. Stritter worked at Motorola as chief architect of the Motorola 68000, the first 16-bit microprocessor. This is the chip that powered the Apple Macintosh from its launch until the last few years, and on which the workstation industry was built. Sun, Hewlett Packard, Apollo, and Silicon Graphics all started on this microprocessor.

From 1980-1983 he consulted in Silicon Valley. In 1984 he became one of the founders of MIPS, and again redefined the microprocessor business by delivering the first commercial RISC ('reduced instruction set chip') microprocessor. MIPS led the RISC microprocessor market, alongside HP, Sun, and IBM, until the company was bought by Silicon Graphics in 1992.

In 1993, he founded NeTpower, making workstations and servers for the Microsoft Windows NT market. In 1996 he founded Clarity Wireless based on new high data rate digital radio technology. Clarity was acquired by Cisco in November 1998. Mr. Stritter is now serving on the Technical Committee established as a result of the settlement of US v. Microsoft to monitor Microsoft's compliance with the anti-trust settlement.

Another of Mr. Stritter's interests is technology and innovations to benefit people in developing countries. He serves as Chairman of VillageTech Solutions to develop such technologies.

Mr. Stritter is a seed round "angel" investor in Silicon Valley, helping new start-ups get off the ground. He was an active member of the Thayer School's Corporate Advisory Board from 1992-1999 and currently serves on the Information Technology Advisory Board for Dartmouth's Computing Services. He and his wife, Leilani, reside in Menlo Park, CA. The couple has two children.