Targeting Employers through Networking

A large percentage of jobs are found through networking. So, it is important that you incorporate networking into your job or internship search.

You may use networking to:

  1. Identify organizations/positions that interest you
  2. Learn more about organizations and positions for which you are applying, to perfect your application or prepare for an interview (i.e. increase your chances of landing the job).
  3. Find additional contacts that may be helpful with #1 or #2

The following resources provide recommended procedures or instructions for establishing these networking connections. You may also want to check out our networking tips and "Researching Employers" page which includes a wealth of resources for identifying industries, companies or careers of interest.

Thayer Connections

Employers hiring Thayer Grads (2007-2013) and Employers hiring Thayer Interns (2008-2013), may also be good starting points for targeting organizations.

LinkedIn - an online networking and resource website.  Check out these groups of Dartmouth alumni, students, faculty, and staff interested in building professional networking connections: the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth Group and the Dartmouth College Alumni Group.

Dartmouth Connections

Dartmouth Career Network provides access to more than 23,000 Dartmouth alumni (including Thayer alumni) who have volunteered to advise students and fellow alumni in their job, career, and graduate school explorations.

You must read the recommended procedures provided in the DCN before contacting an alum. Please note: When emailing any alum, please use the utmost respect. In general – use common courtesy.

MentorNet is an e-mentoring network partnering undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and untenured faculty in engineering, science and mathematics with experienced professionals in their fields. MentorNet is open to all Dartmouth and Thayer students.