Grad School Choices Outside of Thayer

Where do our graduates go? See their choices from 2011-2019.
This information is gathered through an annual survey of the graduating class, and represents only those schools for which students accepted and matriculated.


Research Areas

Brown University  
California Institute of Technology Applied Physics
Cambridge University Machine Learning, Speech & Language Technology
Case Western University Materials Science
Columbia University Electrical
Cornell University (2) Environmental & Computer Engineering
Duke University (4) Biomedical; Computer; Management Engineering; Biomaterials & Regenerative Medicine
Geisel School of Medicine (5) Medicine
Georgia Institute of Technology Optimization of Aerospace Systems
Harvard University (SEAS) Applied Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (5) Technology & Policy; Mechanical; Engineering Systems; Geophysics
Princeton University Chemical & Biological
Purdue University Fluids Combustion
Stanford University (5) Electrical; Management & Science
Tisch School of the Arts at New York University Interactive Telecommunications
University of California--Berkeley (3) Mechanical; Electrical
University of California--Los Angeles Control & Systems
University of California--Santa Barbara Materials 
University of Chicago Cosmology
University of Colorado--Boulder (3) Geology, Fluid Geomorphology; Energy & Environment; Mechanical
University of Florida Materials Science
University of Illinois--Urbana Champaign (2) Aerospace; Materials
University of Michigan (2) Computer Science & Engineering; Statistics
University of Minnesota Electrical
University of Pennsylvania (2) Materials Science; Robotics
University of Rochester  
University of Southern California Nanophotovics; Biophysics
University of Texas--Austin Thermal/Fluids Systems
University of Vienna  
Vanderbilt Law Law & Engineering

If you would like to reach out to our graduates pursuing degrees outside of Thayer, please make an appointment or stop by Thayer Career Services in Cummings Hall, C104