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Career Treks

There is no better way to connect our students to some of the top companies in the industry than to bring them directly to the source. Twice a year, Career Services selects two groups of students to take part in our Engineering Career Treks — to Silicon Valley and San Francisco in the winter, and to Boston in the spring. Students return from these treks with a deeper understanding of what they want to pursue after graduation, with stronger networking contacts and closer ties to our Dartmouth alumni on each coast.

Tesla, IDEO, and Cordis are three of the companies that participate year after year from the West Coast, and in Boston, students have met with employers at Compass Therapeutics, Soft Robotics and Google (to just name a few!).

Student Testimonials

This trip was absolutely amazing. I can't emphasize how great of a job you guys did organizing this whole trip and every company gave us a different perspective on company culture through a span of different types of engineering.

This was my favorite Dartmouth experience so far! Besides, I got to meet some friends that I'd never have the chance to meet.

If I had any doubts about working in the Bay Area before this trip, they are all gone now. I'd like nothing more than getting a job there. Thank you for selecting me to be on this trip!

California Career Trek 2016