Resources For Alumni

Thayer School offers you life-long access to our services and resources. Our services for alumni are two-fold: support and advice for your own job search, and information on how to recruit our students for internships and full-time positions. 

Alumni List-Serv
Sylvanus-Alum is an e-mail list-serv created to facilitate the sharing of current employment opportunities and news among alumni. You can subscribe and archives can be accessed by list members.

LinkedIn Group
LinkedIn -  Check out these groups of Dartmouth alumni, students, faculty, and staff interested in building professional networking connections: the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth Group and the Dartmouth College Alumni Group.

Career Changers & Full-Time Job Search
Thayer School alumni have full access to all of our services and resources for current students, including access to Thayer's on-campus recruiting program through ThayerLink, the annual Thayer School of Engineering Career Fair, the Virtual Career Fair, and all Thayer-specific recruiting events. Alums can also access networking tools through Dartmouth Alumni Relations, specifcally the Dartmouth Career Network.

Helping & Hiring Students
Opportunities to meet and assist current students run the gamut, from participating in Thayer School events such as programs and panels to serving as a Career Advisor for the Dartmouth Career NetworkIf you are interested in hiring Thayer students or graduates for internships or full-time positions, feel free to post directly to ThayerLink and/or email us.