Dual-Degree Course of Study

Preparation for First Year at Dartmouth

You should arrive at Dartmouth with solid preparation in mathematics and science, including:

Courses beyond the minimum, e.g., in your science major or supportive of your engineering interest, are strongly recommended and are considered in admissions.

First Year at Dartmouth

Common Core Courses (3 courses)

Distributive Core Courses (choose 1 or 2 courses)

Gateway Courses (choose 1 or 2 courses)

See the Undergraduate Course List for other undergraduate electives.

Preparation for Bachelor of Engineering Program

As part of your BA program at your home school, you should complete upper-level courses in math and science that support your engineering interests. Examples include:

The Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree also requires a full year of humanities and social sciences (foreign language courses may be counted).

BE Year at Dartmouth

After receiving the BA degree from your home school, you'll return to Dartmouth to pursue the BE degree.

Depending on your undergraduate preparation, you may have to take additional mathematics and natural science courses to meet BE degree requirements.

See BE Degree Requirements for details of the BE program.

Sample Programs

If you have an interest in a particular engineering discipline, you can download this document for sample dual-degree programs.

Sample Dual-Degree Programs (PDF)