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Engineering Sciences Major Modified with Studio Art

Students interested in the Engineering Sciences major modified with Studio Art should contact Professor Peter Robbie.


Modified majors are expected to have a basic understanding of calculus, physics, chemistry, and computer science. First-year students interested in the major should take the placement test in mathematics.

Unless otherwise prohibited, prerequisites may be taken under the Non-Recording Option.

Mathematics (3 courses)

Physics (2 courses)

Chemistry (1 course)

Computer Science (choose 1 option)

Required Courses

Engineering Core Courses (4 courses)

Engineering Electives (2 courses)

Studio Art Core Courses (2 courses)

Studio Art Electives (2 courses)

Culminating Experience

Engineering Sciences majors complete a culminating experience, which is part of a course (either an elective or an additional course). Normally taken during the senior year, the course is chosen from the following options:

Transfer Credit

No more than two transfer courses may be used for credit in the major.

Academic Standing

Satisfactory completion of the major requires a grade point average of 2.0 in the courses suitable for satisfying the major.