Human-Centered Design Minor

The minor in Human-Centered Design is an interdisciplinary program focused on the process of innovation for addressing human needs. Students planning to pursue the minor should submit the Human-Centered Design Minor Student Worksheet.

For advice contact Professor Peter Robbie (Engineering Sciences) or Professor Lorie Loeb (Computer Science).

1. Design Foundation (Prerequisites) (2 courses)

2. Ethnographic Methods and Human Factors (Psychology) (choose 2 courses)

Ethnographic Methods:

Human Factors (Psychology):

3. Design electives (choose 2 courses)

Students may petition the department to substitute relevant courses in section 2 (that cover ethnographic methodology or human factors psychology) and 3 (that focus on problem-solving of human needs and result in the creation of artifacts). Before taking courses in Section 3, it is recommended that students complete both courses in Section 1 plus at least one course from Section 2.