The Bengt Sonnerup Fellowship

The Sonnerup Fellowship is part of the Energy Challenge Initiative, a fund established to support student and faculty research in the area of energy technologies. This Initiative is made possible through the generous contribution of anonymous donors with the goal of addressing the challenges, broadly defined, of global climate change.

An award of up to $10,000 can be used to support an honors or independent research project over a full academic year, including an off-term. The Fellowship cannot be used for tuition.


Eligible applicants must have permission to enroll in ENGS 86: Independent Project, ENGS 87: Undergraduate Investigations, or ENGS 88: Honors Thesis. Previous recipients of the Sonnerup Fellowship are not eligible to reapply. The student will conduct a creative investigation in energy technologies under the supervision and guidance of a member of the faculty.

Application Process

Students must have permission from the chair of the Engineering Sciences Department to apply.

Deadline: April 20. Applications should be addressed to Professor Ian Baker and delivered to Barbara Belloir in Cummings 204.

Students wishing to apply should submit a written proposal (maximum 3 pages) that identifies the area of research the student wants to pursue and includes a budget and a timetable for undertaking and completing the research project. In addition, applicants should identify their overall GPA, provide a list of all Engineering Sciences courses taken (by term with grades received), and the name of the faculty member who has agreed to supervise the research.

Applications will be reviewed by the chair of the Engineering Sciences Department and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Fellowship Requirements

Accepted applicants will be expected to begin the project work at least one term prior to electing ENGS 86, 87, and/or 88. All Sonnerup Fellows must prepare a written paper and an oral presentation on their research.

Fellowship Recipients