MEM Course Requirements

The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) curriculum includes mathematics, engineering management, design, project leadership, and core topics of an MBA program.

MEM Courses

Engineering Management Required Courses (9 courses)

Applied Mathematics Required Courses (choose at least 1 course)

Engineering Management Electives (choose at least 1 course)

"Platforms, taught by Professor Geoffrey Parker, was one of my favorite courses at Tuck. It’s one of a handful taught between Thayer School of Engineering and Tuck. We studied everything from contemporary cases such as Uber or Facebook, historical examples with SAP and Quickbooks, and startups from our very own Thayer and Tuck students. What’s unique about this course is not just the content but the rich discussion only possible due to the mix of diverse perspectives from Engineering and MBA students." —Tuck Student, Class of 2018.

MEM Free Electives (choose 3 courses)

NOTE: The MEM tuition covers 2 courses from Tuck School; extra tuition will be charged for a third Tuck School course.

Program Flow Charts

Each of these example degree progression and planning charts can be downloaded as a more detailed PDF document.

Program for ABET-Accredited Degree Students

Program Flow Chart - Example Entering with an ABET Accredited Degree

Standard Program for Dartmouth BEs

Program Flow Chart - Example for Dartmouth BE and Dual Degree Students

Program for Non-Engineering Majors

Program Flow Chart - Example for Non-Engineering Undergraduates


Students must be in residence for a minimum of 3 academic terms.

* Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,