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MD/MS Program

Dartmouth's MD/MS program, offered by Thayer School and The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, is designed for people who intend to pursue clinical practice and want to develop research skills in a related engineering area. It is also well suited to students who want to better understand technologies they will employ as practicing physicians. The program provides a funded research experience in engineering that is expected to lead to a research publication and provides practice in engineering design and analysis.

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Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree in engineering and meet the entrance requirements of each school. Application must be made to each school separately. MD students apply to Thayer School in their first, second, or third year of medical school and carry out their MS studies in the fourth and part of the fifth year. The schedule provides 12 months to complete the MS degree and preserves time in July and August following the third and fourth years for important Geisel School of Medicine activities. The MS program requires a minimum of 3 terms in residence at Thayer School.

MD/MS Course Options

Applied Mathematics (choose 1 course)

Engineering Courses (choose 2 courses)

Engineering Electives (choose 3 courses)