The world needs technical talent to create new industries and address pressing problems in energy, healthcare, the environment, sustainable manufacturing, security and communications. These problems don't fall neatly within departmental boundaries. That's why Thayer School has no departments.

Professor Shepherd teaches students

Rather than "mechanical engineering" or "electrical engineering," our programs are focused on energy technologies, complex systems and the interface between engineering and medicine.

Engineer = Innovator

Our approach fosters creativity and effectively teaches technological innovation, including the skills and knowledge needed to bring new ideas to the marketplace.

The undergraduate engineering sciences major is part of the Dartmouth Bachelor of Arts program, and can be integrated with almost any other area of study.

Graduate students take a range of courses as they develop advanced professional skills. This prepares them to tackle research
problems that may involve various fields of engineering.

Culture of Collaboration

Dartmouth encourages and facilitates cross campus collaboration to widen your horizon even further. Thayer School's partners for collaboration include: