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Clare Boothe Luce Program

The Clare Boothe Luce Program (CBL) is "the single most significant source of private support for women in science, mathematics and engineering."

At Dartmouth, Luce fellowships have long been an invaluable resource and an important part of Dartmouth's continued success with encouraging women to study, teach, and work within the engineering sciences.

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Our Current Beneficiaries

Regina S. Salvat — Clare Boothe Luce Graduate Fellowship

Faculty Advisor: Karl Griswold

Dr. Regina Salvat’s research examined experimental validation of deimmunization algorithms using the Enterobacter cloacae P99 β-lactamase, a component of Antibody Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapies, as a model protein. Biotherapeutics have reshaped drug discovery and promise a continued revolution in disease therapy. Regina's work provides a rich data set for assessing the accuracy, efficiency, and overall utility of cutting-edge biotherapeutic deimmunization technologies. Her methods aim to accelerate the biotherapeutic design and development process. [Read more.]


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Geneva Trotter — Clare Boothe Luce Graduate Fellowship

Faculty Advisor: Ian Baker

Geneva Trotter's PhD research at Dartmouth involves studying both the effects of deformation (rolling) on the precipitation processes in Lave phase-strengthened austenitic steels, including determining the mechanism of NiAl co-precipitation, and how these two kinds of precipitates affect subsequent deformation processes. A better understanding of the fundamentals and underlying causes of mechanical and microstructural responses observed in this alloy can be used as a model for other systems with complex matrix-precipitate relationships.


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Our Past Beneficiaries

Clare Boothe Luce Professor of Engineering


  • Linda Wilson

Clare Boothe Luce Special Graduate Fellowships



  • Jessica Brown ’96 Th’97
  • Jessica Duda ’96 Th’97 Th’99
  • Susan Ettinger Burkhart ‘96 Th’97 Th’98
  • Amanda Maw ’96 Th’97


  • Kalpana Bagri ’95 Th’95
  • Linda Blumberg ’95 Th’96
  • Pamela Brockmeier ’95 Th’96


  • Christie Cameron ’94 Th’95
  • Michelle Moore ’94 Th’95

Clare Boothe Luce Scholars





  • Tucker Ballard ’02 Th’03
  • Abigail Faulkner ’02 Th’03
  • Emily Horrell ’02 Th’03
  • Erin Morse ’02 Th’03
  • Kendra Tupper ’02 Th’03