Feldberg Business and Engineering Library

Feldberg Business and Engineering Library

Feldberg Library is located in the Murdough Center, next to Cummings Hall. It provides access to a wide range of information resources that support teaching, research, and learning in management and engineering. Feldberg librarians help faculty and students gain access to a wide range of online information resources. The Feldberg Engineering Information site provides quick access to selected information research tools.

Other Campus Libraries

The Kresge Physical Sciences Library has resources related to physics, chemistry, geology, and earth sciences.

The Dana Biomedical Library houses medical and biology-related materials.

The Dartmouth College Library website provides gateway access to all campus libraries, their services, and information resources, including electronic journals, electronic books, research databases, and reference tools across all academic disciplines.

Borrow Direct is a user-initiated rapid book request and delivery system providing access to more than 50 million books across the BorrowDirect member libraries.