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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Materials Science – Dry Sliding Wear

A postdoctoral fellowship is available immediately to study dry sliding wear of high entropy alloys at cryogenic temperatures. Wear testing will be performed at both 77 K and room temperature at different sliding velocities and in different environments, i.e. dry air, argon. The aim is to determine the relationship between the microstructure, deformation processes (including material transfer), phase transformations, friction and wear behavior, including the role played by third bodies (wear debris) on the wear process. Microstructural characterization of the pre- and post-wear specimens will include transmission electron microscopy (TEM), including X-ray dispersive spectroscopy; computed-assisted profilometry; X-ray diffraction; nanoindentation; cross-sectional scanning electron microscopy (SEM), atom probe tomography; and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The applicant must have experience in both TEM and SEM. Experience in X-ray diffraction and mechanical testing will also be useful.


Professor Ian Baker
+1 (603) 727-2412