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Beyond Departments

Most engineering schools advocate interdisciplinary thinking while still requiring a commitment to a specific discipline. Climb into the box first, they say, then think outside it.

For Dartmouth engineers, the box does not exist.

One community

Unencumbered by departmental divisions, Thayer School's integrated community brings together faculty with expertise in a range of engineering and science disciplines. Students are mentored by teachers who are not only experts in one or more fields but also generalists who can envision solutions that cut across traditional disciplines.

The Dartmouth engineer is a versatile thinker who can define a problem, place it within the broad social and economic contexts, and articulate a clear vision for the solution. Because their skills can be adapted across disciplines, Dartmouth engineers can more easily stay at the forefront as technology advances.

A curriculum without boundaries

At the heart of the undergraduate curriculum is systems analysis. Not mechanical systems or electrical systems or thermal systems. Systems. Students apply equations for lumped, discrete, and distributed systems to engineering problems from all fields.

The cross-disciplinary nature of the undergraduate core courses has a long history. Since the 1960s, engineering students have been trained to look at problems as they exist out in the real world.

Research across disciplines

Most Dartmouth engineering research projects are collaborations that integrate one or more engineering disciplines with other sciences. Faculty and researchers from across campus and around the world are making breakthroughs at the interfaces of traditional disciplines. Students working in these labs learn important lessons about the interconnectedness of the real world and develop skills that make them innovators and leaders in emerging technologies.

Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth. The box does not exist.

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