The ENGS 21 Experience

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Dartmouth’s Introduction to Engineering

“The experience—not only the designing, but getting my hands dirty and building something—is rewarding. It solidified my interest in engineering.” —Kyle Betts ’10

Your very first engineering course, Introduction to Engineering—a.k.a. ENGS 21—will challenge you to develop a novel solution to a real-life problem, such as saving energy, helping children learn, or easing life for people with physical disabilities. You’ll team up with classmates to define the problem and solve it by designing a device or system. You’ll research patents to make sure your idea has never been done before. You’ll create a business plan just as if you were taking your product to market. You’ll build and test a prototype and present your project to a professional review board.

Engineering major Dean Spatz worked on water purification in ENGS 21 and went on to found Osmonics, now part of General Electric.

Thayer faculty and the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network can help you develop your idea. Some ENGS 21 projects have been so innovative that students have patented their devices en route to bringing them to market. ENGS 21 projects have even led to new companies.

The next great idea is waiting to happen. Discover yours in ENGS 21.

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