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Thayer Spring Course Offerings

Date: March 18, 2020
From: Associate Dean Douglas Van Citters

Dear Thayer Students,

Over the last seven days, your faculty and staff have spent countless hours reimagining spring term courses and how we can move our hands-on educational program to the web. While there will be numerous emails in the next week regarding details of enrollment and the mechanisms by which classes will occur, I wanted you to be first to know which courses we are planning to offer. Only four classes have been removed from the catalog for the spring: ENGS 73, ENGS 129, ENGS 133, and ENGS 172. Graduating seniors and BE candidates who had these on their plans should have received an email from me earlier today.

**If you are a graduating senior or a BE candidate who was depending on one of these courses for your Culminating Experience or 3-Course concentration and you haven’t been contacted by me, please send me an email (cc Jenna Wheeler) right away. If you were depending on them only for course count (i.e. credits) please use the add/drop period to change.

The remaining spring courses in our catalog are on track to be offered. ALL will be remote learning only, and ALL will be available via asynchronous (recorded) learning. That said, a number of professors will also make an effort to record their lectures in front of an (online) live audience during the normal scheduled period. Every professor takes pride in the personal connections we make during the educational process, and you can still count on that throughout the term, no matter where you are. We aren’t out of the woods; The technological effort ahead is monumental, particularly as we decrease the number of people on campus. I can guarantee that there will be mistakes, our suddenly-home-schooled children lurking in the background, mute buttons left on, and dropped connections. We promise to make it right if you gently let us know how to be better. Thank you all for your patience with the process.

Finally, a personal note: Assembling the following list has been one of the most heart-warming and inspiring activities of my career. In the midst of a world crisis, the Thayer community has selflessly come together for you, and I couldn’t be prouder of the source of the degrees that hang on my wall: the same ones that all of you shall still earn on time thanks in no small part to the efforts of some very dedicated people. Please don’t forget to thank them.

Best wishes,

Douglas Van Citters ’99, BE ’03, Ph.D. ’06
Chair and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education