COVID-19 Information

Follow Up: COVID-19 Campus Update II

From: Dean Alexis Abramson
Date: March 5, 2021

Dear Thayer community:

This afternoon, the Provost announced that due to the decrease in daily new cases of COVID-19 on campus, many of the additional protocols put in place last week are expected to be lifted this coming Monday at 8am.

In accordance with Dartmouth’s decision, restrictions announced last Monday for the Thayer community will remain in place through the weekend and early Monday morning, including our “grab and go” policy with respect to retrieving needed project supplies or equipment. Should the daily case count continue to remain stable or improve and if no major violations are reported this weekend, we anticipate that many or all of these additional restrictions will be lifted, and that all students currently approved to be on campus, including undergraduates and BE candidates, will be able to access our facilities to continue academic project work. We further hope and expect to allow work in research labs and onsite TA assignments to resume, pending permission from your supervisor or PI.

I wholeheartedly acknowledge that we all want to see things go back to “normal” on campus, but it is vitally important that we continue to follow Dartmouth’s increased protocols throughout this weekend and until they are officially lifted. I invite you to review my email from Monday announcing these details below. Thayer faculty and staff are sympathetic and aware of the anxiety and challenges created by the campus conditions over the last week. Students shouldn’t hesitate to contact your professors if you wish to discuss how best to manage any potential impacts on your studies. To discuss specific assignments and facilities needs, contact your research advisor or supervisor.

And, as always, please continue to wear masks, practice physical distancing, wash hands frequently, and take all necessary precautions, so that we may continue to keep ourselves, each other, and our community safe.


Thayer School of Engineering Dean's Office
Alexis R. Abramson, Dean & Professor