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Facility Access Requirements for Fall Term

Date: September 1, 2020
From: Holly J. Wilkinson, Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Hello Thayer Students,

We are in the midst of planning for Fall term access to Thayer facilities (targeting Sept 14, details to come).

Action: You will need to review and complete the following items in order to access any Dartmouth campus buildings:

• Observe State and Dartmouth Quarantine Requirements. You cannot enter campus buildings until 14 days after you arrive in the Hanover area.

• Complete Student COVID-19 Testing (see below*).

• Review and sign Community Agreement Form. See FAQ for more information.

• Complete daily Temperature Self-Assessment (TSA) on any day you plan to enter campus buildings.

• Monitor Dartmouth COVID-19 and Thayer School COVID-19 Information weblinks

Many of you have already completed the testing and community agreement—thank you! If you are not planning to come to the Hanover area at any point prior to January 1, 2021, you will have an opportunity to indicate this during the fall term check-in process (look for an email from Daryl Laware next week) and will not be required to complete the Dartmouth COVID-19 testing and Community Agreement prior to fall term.

*Student COVID-19 Testing

Before September 4

Newly arriving or returning graduate students who have not yet been tested for COVID-19 by Dartmouth and are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms should visit the Health Service tents behind Dick’s House to be tested (1–3pm on weekdays). No appointment necessary. Students in this group will complete two tests—one on their arrival date (or as soon as a clinic is available) and a second test seven days after their first.

Current students who have remained in NH or VT must also take a baseline COVID-19 test and are encouraged to come in this week if at all possible.

After September 4

Graduate students arriving or returning to the Hanover area after September 4 should also be tested at the Dick’s House tents during walk-in hours (9am–3pm on weekdays from Sept 8–21). No appointment necessary but we recommend arriving as early as possible in the day to avoid peak student volume. Health Service testing is expecting large numbers of undergraduates on these dates.

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, do not come to Dick’s House. Instead, call Health Services at (603) 646-9401 for a phone consultation, as symptomatic students undergo different testing procedures. Please also review Dartmouth’s testing FAQs for graduate students.

Please feel free to email me with questions.

Thank you,