A young men's team performing Morris & Sword dances from England and Europe since 1998


A young women's (sometimes mixed) team performing Morris & Sword dances from England since 2002


A mixed kids team performing Morris & Sword dances from England since 2011

Morris dancing is an energetic stick clashing, bell ringing, handkerchief flashing dance form, ideal for the energy of youth. It is a living dance tradition with roots that go back to ancient England; the lively movements are said not only to please audiences, but as a springtime dance, to awaken the earth. The Green Mountain Morris, Maple Leaf Morris, and Catamount Morris are based in Norwich, Vermont, USA.

Catamount Morris (boys and girls, 9-14)

Catamount Morris is a new team for 9-14 year olds, coached by Chris Levey and Barbara DeFelice. Our first gig was under the name "Maple Buds" in the Revels North Christmas Revels 2011, where eight kids performed along with eight teens from Maple Leaf Morris. We also danced the sun up on May Day, and performed in Boston at the Ginger Ale, and finally as part of the Revels Solstice Festival in Norwich VT. Come join the fun! We practice on Tuesdays 5:30-6:40 at the Marion Cross School in Norwich Vermont. NOTE: 14 year olds are welcome to dance with Catamount, Maple Leaf, or both.

Maple Leaf Morris (teenagers)

Catamount Performance Schedule 2015

(?? indicate tentative - subject to dancer feedback and availability)

Combined Maple Leaf and Green Mtn:

Clashing Fionn dance written for Revels North 2009 Christmas Revels.

Green Mountain Morris (teen men)

Movie Clips and Photos: Our Own Choreography:

Catamount Performance History




Not documented. Included: Ginger Ale May 12, 2012, Solfest, and a NEFFA dance in the MLM slot.


Christmas Revels (December 2011)

Green Mountain Morris Performance History

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photo photo Leader/Contact person: Chris Levey, Chris.Levey[AT], 566 Sanborn Rd., Thetford Center, VT 05075
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