Thayer International Club





A warm welcome to Thayer international club (ThIC) website.

The purpose of the club is focused on the international community (international includes US, since US is a nation!), with a mission statement:

1) Make international students comfortable, particularly when they first arrive at Dartmouth. This includes educating them about the cultural differences at Dartmouth (and in the U.S.), helping them with any communication needs they may have, and helping them with their logistical needs.

2) Break down barriers between different cultural groups in order to allow friendships and professional relationships to develop.

3) Incorporate culture into the educational experience at Thayer. In most cases this would occur outside the classroom, whether it be through dinners, presentations, workshops etc... In this increasingly-global community, the more we understand about how cultures vary, the more success we will succeed in our professional lives. 

If you have some ideas, plans or suggestions, feel free to blitz: 

Updated on: March 28, 2005