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The Big Green Bus would like to thank it sponsors for their generosity and continued support. Part of this year’s effort was expanding the bus’s network of partners across a number of fields, including the corporate world. The companies below represent the future of business by recognizing that green practices are profitable both socially and economically.

Newman's Own (Platinum Sponsor)
Makers of the famous lemonade, in addition to numerous other delicious food products ranging from salsa to salad dressings, Newman's Own has been a leader in fine food and corporate responsibility since its inception over 20 years ago. Paul Newman, as sole owner of Newman's Own®, and the Newman's Own Foundation donate all profits and royalties after taxes for educational and charitable purposes. Paul Newman and the Newman's Own Foundation have given over $200 Million to thousands of charities worldwide since the company started in 1982. In this spirit, Newman's Own has joined the Big Green Bus' corporate fundraising campaign and we are incredibly thankful for their invaluable support.

Thayer School of Engineering
Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering is proud to be in its second year of financial and technical support for the Big Green Bus. Uniting a broad range of engineering fields into one single, flexible program, the Thayer School encourages creative minds to come together to develop innovative ways to apply the art and science of engineering to meet human needs. specializes in high-quality products that allow diesel systems to run on vegetable oil. Offering complete conversion kits as well as individual hard-to-find components, PlantDrive's products are set apart by their superior craftsmanship and rigorous scientific development. Their experts are available to consult on a wide range of areas including vegetable oil processing and both mobile and stationary vegetable oil systems. Their knowledge of and commitment to alternative fuels have been an invaluable resource for the Big Green Bus.

Roadtrip Nation
Like the Big Green Bus, Roadtrip Nation was founded by a group of young leaders seeking to change the world. Their road trips focus on exploring the lives of business and political leaders, entertainers, and entrepreneurs from around the country through a series of interviews. Founded on the belief that life is a journey, the lessons learned from these interviews are shared through publications, an annual public television series, and online at

Ibex was founded in the belief of the superior natural performance and properties of WOOL. They couple a natural renewable resource with technical innovation, inspired design, personal commitment and dedicated customer service. The result is a product, company, and customer experience that "JUST FEELS RIGHT". Check out the offical gear of the Big Green Bus crew and use the promotional code "BIGGREENBUS" to save 10% at

Red Door Media
Designers and creators of our fabulous website, Red Door Media is a media company specializing in video production, web design and graphic design. Most recently they are working on a documentary, "Ourtown America." Their previous documentary, "Closing the Circle" was the winner of the 2005 Maine Documentary Film Competition. Without their patient assistant, the Big Green Bus's buttery smooth website would not have been possible.

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is passionate about bringing people together, about understanding our world, and about people sharing experiences that enrich everyone's lives. They aim to inspire people to explore, have fun, and travel often with over 600 titles in English that cover every corner of the planet. With a range of services that provides travelers everywhere with reliable, comprehensive and independent travel information from flights, accommodation reviews to traveler generated content on Thorn Tree, Lonely Planet strives to aid and inspire travelers (like the Big Green Bus) at home or on the road.

Xanterra Parks & Resorts is the country's largest park & resort management company. They emphasize ecologically sensitive tourism and our environmental management and conservation programs at national parks have received widespread acclaim. The Big Green Bus is pleased to stop at a number of the national parks managed by Xanterra on this summer's trip.

Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods is the world's leading natural and organic foods supermarket. Their support of the Big Green Bus is just one way Whole Foods demonstrates a commitment to alternative energies and environmental stewardship. Other Whole Foods environmental initiatives include an alternative energy program through which they were able to offset 100% of their energy use with the purchase of wind credits. Their inhouse Green Mission taskforce is dedicated to incorporating green practices into every facet of Whole Foods, from green building techniques for new stores to the offering of reusable grocery bags.

Nancy Cawdrey
Nancy Cawdrey is a contemporary western artist from Bigfork, Montana. Her paintings are inspired by the expansive natural setting of Fox Creek Slough near Flathead Lake. Throughout a 35 year career in painting, she has shown an passion for nature that the Big Green Bus has been eager to incorporate into their own image.


Dar Williams
Dar Williams has long been lauded as a spokeswoman/songstress for environmental causes. Her latest album MY BETTER SELF is a political volume with personal flair. It combines songs of love and hate with tales that illustrate some of the many social and environmental issues that Dar Williams holds dear to her heart. The Big Green Bus is grateful to Dar for lending her voice to ours and hope to meet up on a summer tour date.

SunPower Corporation & Cypress Semiconductor
SunPower Corporation, in conjunction with Cypress Semiconductor, designs and manufactures high-efficiency solar cells that generate electricity from sunlight for residential, commercial and remote power applications. Their proprietary silicon solar cell technology produces up to 50% more power per square foot compared to conventional solar cells. The latest generation of SunPower solar cells features an all-black appearance that eliminates the conspicuousness of traditional solar panels and has become very popular with architects and designers. A high-efficiency SunPower solar module powers the Big Green Bus's electronics as it travels the country this summer.

Five Ultimate
Five Ultimate is a company that is poised to serve the people, the sport, and the spirit of Ultimate frisbee. As the sport evolves, their goal is to reinforce those attributes which make it unique: athletic excellence, honesty, and a sense of community. They provide products that are high quality, good looking, and affordable, and they give individual attention to the players and what they stand for. They love the game, and they transfer that oomph to the work they do to support it.

Discraft is the world leader in disc sports: disc golf, ultimate frisbee, and freestyle. They offer the finest equipment customized equipment available. This is the second year that Discraft has been proud to support the Big Green Bus.

Find More with Tele Atlas
Tele Atlas delivers the freshest, richest, and most accurate data that power the world’s most essential geographic solutions. They collaborate with an expanding universe of pioneers in personal navigation, Internet, wireless and automotive markets. In concert with companies such as TomTom, Google and MapQuest, Tele Atlas provides the deep content needed to quickly and easily find more of the places, products and services consumers want—wherever they may be. Tele Atlas also works with enterprise and public service partners, who deliver some of the world’s most important applications for emergency, business fleet and infrastructure services. At the core of their success is the fact that all these leaders trust our digital map data, points of interest and dynamic content to deliver valuable products and services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Annie's Homegrown
Annie's Homegrown makes the second largest brand of macaroni and cheese in the United States and far and away the first most delicious. The Bus was thankful for Annies' sponsorship (and their scrumptious cheddar bunnies) last year and were thrilled when they came on board for the 2006 trip. We are proud to carry the Annie's logo on the side of the bus as they represent good people making good food and doing good stuff. With their commitment to Green lifestyles, organic foods, and peace, they stand as yet another example of sound business run of sound principles.

Rosedale Products Inc.
Rosedale is a world leader in industrial strength liquid filtration. Their product line includes easily-customized, high-quality filter housings that can support a range of filter bags, baskets, and cartridges. Although Rosedale can provide factory-scale solutions, their smaller filter offerings are ideally suited for mobile or stationary waste vegetable oil pre-filtration. The Big Green Bus utilizes two Rosedale filters to process high quantities of WVO very quickly while on the road.

Clif Bar Inc.
Since the company's inception in 1990, Clif Bar has striven to create a better tasting natural energy, nutrition, and snack bar. Today, the company is able to boast a loyal contingent of outdoor sports enthusiasts and an ever growing range of delicious products. This innovative firm has maintained an admirable quadruple bottom line of sustainability as a company, sustainability within their community, sustainable lifestyles for employees, and sustainable environmental practices. We were thrilled to meet the Clif Bar Natural Energy biodiesel bus when they came through Hanover, and even more excited when they decided to come on board as a sponsor after we visited their Berekely, CA facilities during our tour.
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