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Our Mission

We are a group of students committed to promoting the use of alternative energies through education and example. On a school bus converted to run on used vegetable oil, we are traveling around the country fostering awareness about current global energy issues and creating dialogue about tangible solutions to those problems.

Change your fuel. Change your world.
To this end

We are specifically targeting the youth demographic as our nation's future decision makers and bearers of the consequences of present policy and actions.

Our presentations will be interactive, interesting, and accessible to all of our audiences.

We will target most major cities in the United States, Environmental Fairs and Conventions, large venue concerts, summer camps, Dartmouth Alumni Organizations and Ultimate Frisbee Tournaments in order to reach as large and varied a population as possible.

We will use the Big Green Bus as a focal point for prompting high-profile media attention in the communities we visit in an effort to spark a national dialogue.

We will combine the energy and enthusiasm of a motivated grassroots campaign with the resources and power of major corporations who demonstrate similar dedication to the common good.

We aim to demonstrate the amount of change that a small student group can affect and inspire future innovators, thus lending to the sustainability of our project.

We will maintain a website with photos, journal updates, an interactive map, and vodcasts to further accessibility to our project.

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