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Now that the 2006 Tour has come to an end, click here to check out each busser's reflections on the trip.

mitch Mitch Ermentrout '04, DMS '09
DOB: 11.19.81
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Medicine
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Life Plan: Ride the bus. Play guitar in a band. Become a pediatrician. Practice medicine in South America. Learn to surf. Coach my kids in little league. Never become boring. Always be there for my family.

Andy Wright '06
DOB: 2.21.84
Major: Government and Anthropology
Hometown: Vienna, VA
Life Plan: Serve in the Peace Corps. Audition for the reality show "Survivor". Attend law school. Start a family. Write a book.


Jeffrey "Sunshine" Milloy '09
DOB: 4.8.87
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Springfield, VA
Life Plan: Travel to every country. Learn greek. Never leave school. Raise a horse. Float down the Mississippi. Raise children. Write a book.


Steph Lawrence '06
DOB: 11.16.84
Major: Sociology and Environmental Studies
Hometown: Brookline, MA
Life Plan: Ride the bus. Travel to Antarctica. Run a marathon. Attend culinary school. Live in a foreign country. Open a restaurant. Get a dog named Cody. Eat, drink, and be merry.


Forrest Hanson '06
DOB: 2.29.84
Major: History modified with African American Studies
Hometown: Cherry Hills Village, CO
Life Plan: Continue promoting sustainability. Move back to Colorado. Live across the street from a city park. Live sustainably. Have kids. Memorize the other 50% of Caddyshack. Be skiing when I'm 80.
Resume: Hanson Resume.pdf


Michael Zink Saladik '06
DOB: 5.6.84
Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Major: Mathematics
Life plan: Save the world one bus at a time. Work for a baseball team. Move to Portland, OR (I hear Oregon's blowing up in Europe). Play piano again. Learn how to play cricket. Attend medical school. Learn Spanish and travel South America. Go to an opera at the Met. Complete a triathlon.
Resume: Saladik Resume.pdf


Vivien Savath '06
DOB: 2.10.84
Major: Economics modified with International Development
Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY
Life Plan: Grad school at Oxford. Visit my parents' hometowns in Laos. Paint my whole house orange. Open a restaurant with Stepho. Go to the Scrabble National Championships in Las Vegas. Have a fat baby.


Melissa Lynch '06
DOB: 4.14.84
Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Goshen, CT
Life Plan: Ride the bus. Move to Boston. Go to grad school. Live in the jungle. Become a professor. Still be skiing when I'm 80.


Elliott May '06
DOB: 11.14.83
Major: History (Modern European) with a Classic Minor
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Life Plan: Ride the bus. Find work. Never fear change. Always live close to both water and mountains. Become a local at a restaurant. Remember that the most important thing in life is friendship. Learn another language. Never stop traveling.


Brian Hendrickson '06
DOB: 1.12.84
Major: Engineering
Hometown: Menlo Park, Calif.
Life Plan: Finish my second degree. Design/build things for a few years. Attend business school (maybe out west). Run an engineering consulting firm. Build a house with a big garage to play in.
Resume: Hendrickson Resume.pdf


Craig "Crank" Rubens '06
DOB: 6.6.84
Major: Environmental Studies and Film & Television Studies
Hometown: Pleasantville, NY
Life Plan: Get my driver's license. Learn another language. Figure out how to huck a Frisbee. Read more fiction. Memorize poetry. Finish a Sunday NYT crossword. Rock climb more. Learn to snowboard. Make movies. Go to more concerts. Live simply.


Lucas Schulz '08
DOB: 1.27.86
Major: Engineering
Hometown: Johnson, VT
Life Plan: Ride the bus (next summer). Convert my own truck to veggie oil. Hike the Appalachian trail. Visit all seven continents. Bike across the country. Move back to VT. Inspire someone to make a difference.


Andrew Zabel '09
DOB: 3.7.86
Major: English and History
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Life Plan: Live on every continent. Climb an unclimbed mountain. Remain in awe of the world. Write. Make lifetime friends wherever my journeys take me.

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