Fifteen Dartmouth College students conceived of The Big Green Bus as an effort to spread information about alternative fuels and environmental and social responsibility through the Ultimate Frisbee community.

The Big Green Bus project was created to communicate the following ideas:
The world's increasing dependence on fossil fuel consumption necessitates research in and a quick transition to alternative energy sources. The Big Green Bus shows that fuel alternatives are available for use right now.
Even a small group of dedicated individuals can effect positive change in the world. The Big Green Bus aims to stimulate environmental action in communities across America.
We are all in this together. The Big Green Bus is a small community of motivated individuals reaching out to the Ultimate Frisbee community in the hopes that affected individuals will in turn work toward awareness and change in their greater communities.
Using the waste vegetable oil vehicle as its focal point, the Big Green Bus is rolling across the United States to pursue two goals: raising awareness of alternative fuels and promoting the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. The fulfillment of these goals relies not only on the Bus team but also on the nationwide community of Ultimate Frisbee players who will help connect The Big Green Bus with people in each new locale. In addition to informative presentations at Ultimate Frisbee tournaments, The Big Green Bus will promote alternative fuels through environmental action fairs, local alternative fuels interest group meetings, and other similar community gatherings. With assistance from groups across the nation, the environmentally aware message of The Big Green Bus will continue to spread through the country once the bus moves on.

A simple and plentiful resource fuels the bus. At present, restaurants across the nation discard it every day. We refine and reuse the waste oil, shaping society’s waste into social energy. The vehicle is a 1992 International Carpenter school bus re-engineered to run on waste vegetable oil.

Welcome to The Big Green Bus.

For a thorough overview of our project, check out the Bus Magazine that we'll be handing out at all of our stops.