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NOTE 6/30: The hot weather and long miles have been wearing quite heavily on the Bus, and in recent days we've had a few engine problems. This means that we have had to rethink our route and trip speed a little. We're still planning on hitting Potlatch, so all of you who missed seeing the Bus in Calgary can see us in Redmond. Apologies to those who we didn't visit in Bozeman. We will keep you updated!

click on the map below to see the route we're planning, or view as a pdf.

The Big Green Bus's route is structured around finding communities that are receptive to our cause and in which we can give our presentation to and interact with community members.

Ultimate Frisbee tournaments are the prime venues for the Big Green Bus to tour, as these tournaments gather anywhere from 300 to 1,000+ people in one place. Another focal point for the Big Green Bus is children's summer camps, where we will give our presentation on alternative fuels to school-aged children, and set up some Ultimate Frisbee clinics.

The Logistics Committee has been in contact with the regional coordinators of the Ultimate Players Association presenting our journey and requesting information about tournaments and communities that would host The Big Green Bus. The response has been astonishing. As of today, Logistics Committee has recieved more than 100 responses from people across the country who are excited about our project and enthusiastic to have us visit their community. Highlights for our trip include a stop at the Green Fair in Ann Arbor, MI, participation in the Potlatch tournament in Washington and Wildwood tournament in New Jersey, and a visit to Washington, D.C., all before we return to Hanover in August.

A summary of our destinations:
June 12: Graduation, Dartmouth College
1. June 15: Hanover, NH
2. June 16: Buffalo, NY
3. June 17: Ann Arbor, MI
4. June 18-19: Cleveland, OH
5. June 20: Chicago, IL
6. June 21: St. Paul, MN
7. June 25-26: Calgary, Canada
8. June 27-28: Moose Jaw
9. June 29-30: Moose Jaw
10. July 2-4: Redmond, WA
11. July 5-6: Seattle, WA
12. July 6-7: Portland, OR
13. July 8-10: San Francisco, CA
14. July 11: Santa Barbara, CA
15. July 12: San Diego, CA
16. July 13: Grand Canyon, AZ
17. July 18-19: St. Louis, MO
18. July 20-21: Nashville, TN
19. July 22-25: Washington DC
20. July 26: Pittsburgh, PA
21. July 27-28: Philadelphia, PA
22. July 29-31: Wildwood, NJ
23. August 1: Pleasantville, NY
24. August 2: Simsbury, CT
25. August 3: Boston, MA
26. August 4: East Lyme, CT
27. August 5-6: Hanover, NH
August 6: Hanover, NH