Gallery 3

Rory installed our bunks (photo Orsi Kuti).

Dave and Andrew planning their next project (photo Orsi Kuti).

Saul puts some weather stripping on the back door (photo Orsi Kuti).

Before the bus could be painted, she had to be sanded down... (photo Orsi Kuti).

Then powerwashed... (photo Orsi Kuti).

And finally, a truly Big Green Bus (photo Orsi Kuti).

The improved bus makes her debut (photo Orsi Kuti).

The bus's first oil pickup, at Jake's (photo Craig Rubens).

Our first alternative fuels presentation at the Big Splash festival in Vermont (photo Craig Rubens).

Like Rory, we were all sporting our exciting new Big Green Bus t-shirts (photo Craig Rubens).

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