Gallery 10

The cheering circle at Potlatch (photo Doug Hannah).

Our campsite on the fields (photo Doug Hannah).

Saul tossing before a game (photo Craig Rubens).

Ariel on the sidelines during a game (photo Doug Hannah).

Aekta and Orsi examining a potlatch gift (photo Doug Hannah).

Andrew showing off his jersey (photo Doug Hannah).

Giving our presentation after the exhibition game on Saturday (photo Craig Rubens).

Team picture from Monday (photo Craig Rubens).

Potlatch from above (photo Doug Hannah).

Giving our presentation at KidsTime in Seattle (photo Craig Rubens).

Crank helping the kids explore the bus (photo Doug Hannah).

Dave showing off our vegetable oil tank (photo Doug Hannah).

Andrew was popular with the kids (photo Doug Hannah).

Learning about the bus is fun! (photo Doug Hannah)

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