Updates on how the bus work is going:

May 14 2005

I suppose it has been slightly disheartening to see our bus go from a slightly-rusty but chipper yellow school bus to a disgusting looking yellow-gray-brown-black-red mess of paint, scratches, primer, and masking tape. The more work we poured into it, the worse it started to look. Of course it is frustrating to spend hours chipping off rust and sanding down a bus only to find it looking worse than when you started. Each day, it seemed, Cliffo would blitz out saying that TODAY would be the day we'd paint the bus, as soon as we finished the priming or the sanding, but it was always a false alarm. I'd show up day after day, only to chip more rust or peel off black letters from the side with a hairdryer (thanks to Ariel's ingenuity). All the while, other people did cool stuff on the inside, like installing carpet on the wall or putting in tables and bunks.
Finally, I showed up yesterday and it was actually time to paint the bus! Crank helped me not make a disaster out of the paint, we played with rollers and bright green paint for about 20 minutes, and then a whole side was done. Just like that, weeks of prep and 20 minutes to our first coat (on one side at least). I quite enjoyed the soothing motions of the paint covering our multi-spotched walls, such that our bus might finally live up to its name--The Big GREEN Bus! Of course I know we still have a lot left to do, but I feel much happier to look down to the parking lot and find a real green beauty.

- Haley
May 7 2005

This morning I was off to get lumber for the bunks in the back of the bus. The plan was to go buy wood, meet Andrew at the woodshop by 1:00 when they opened, and get it done by about 3:30 or so. You'll never guess what happened... Things actually went according to plan. We built four bombproof bunk platforms in about 3 hours... If all continues to go well we plan on installing the bunks in the bus tommorrow morning along with a million or so other things. More to follow!

- Mike