Updates on how the bus work is going:

Read the Bussers' Final Thoughts on how the message was received and how the trip turned out on the REFLECTIONS page.

August 7 2005

We may have woken up Sunday morning on the living room couches of friends scattered throughout Hanover, but all the bussers in town rejoined in order to put the bus into a clean state of hybernation. In the shade of Dave's driveway, we organized our personal belongings and those of our missing teammates and found uses for gear that the bus would no longer need. Seven hours later the bus was clean enough to put to temporary rest in a college parking lot, and we were dirty enough for a swim in the river. Most of the bus members parted ways while a few stayed in town to wrap up the project--thank you letters, website updates, and a set of detailed recommendations for the next iteration of the Big Green Bus.

August 6 2005

The Bussers pulled an early morning and left Cliff's House to make the last leg of our journey, home to Hanover after 51 days of traveling. The Chase Car drove ahead and filmed the bus as it made a victory lap around the Dartmouth Green. The Bus finished its lap and rolled down to Thayer Engineering School just in the nick of time for our Noon presentation/Q&A session. The gang answered questions like pros and a slideshow of the journey was also displayed for the audience. After the session we gave tours of the bus, and a Chemistry class came down to test the Veggie Oil emissions of the Chase Car (results of the study are still pending). The group then enjoyed a break where a few bussers visited their mainstay dining hall, Collis Cafe, and were pleasantly surprised to find Vegetable Soup and Gingersnap Cookies on the menu for the day. From 2pm-4pm the bus was parked on the Dartmouth Green and many familiar faces stopped by to welcome back the bussers. After a long day out in the sun, the group left campus for the final time as a group and headed up to Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, a place with much sentimental value for many group members. Before pulling up to the Lodge, bussers dove into the frigid Baker River, Saul's recommendation, for a quick, refreshing dip. The Bus rolled into the Lodge just in the nick of time (we seem to have a knack for this) for dinner. After a filling, home-cooked meal, the bussers ventured outside to watch the sunset over Mt. Moosilauke. The gang was excited to welcome back Haley and Hoffman, who met up with the group at the Lodge. The rest of the night was filled with smiles, hugs, cuddling, and laughter; the bussers fell asleep for the last time together under a bed of stars on the Leach Field to the sound of chriping crickets and the soft rush of the Baker River.

The next morning the Bus drove back to Hanover for their final event at Mike's Hat Tournament. After a full day of playing ultimate, tabling in the sun, and giving bus tours, the bussers headed down to the Connecticut River for a pre-dinner and evening festivities shower. A few bussers stayed up until the wee hours of the night, which would show the next morning when the gang embarked on the treacherous feat of Cleaning the Bus.

August 4 2005

Back in the northeast, backtracking is not a problem. We woke up at the Garrity home in Hingham, Mass, and drove in the opposite direction from our final destination, to Cliff’s in East Lyme, CT. Before leaving Hingham, we had a leisurely breakfast at the Garrity’s, which quickly became a leisurely lunch of leftovers from the last night’s dinner.

During the day, we traveled to the place where the bus project began. It was in December that we began converting the bus at Cliff’s house in East Lyme, and it was fitting that one of our last events should be in the place where we had our beginning. As soon as everyone arrived, we showed off the bus and the Mercedes. Then we had a potluck dinner and it was scrump. Thanks to all who came and spent time with us and made dinner what it was. After the guests had left, we all retired to our rooms throughout the house in anticipation of the final leg of our trip to Hanover.

- Saul
August 3 2005

The bus rolls out early from Simsbury, after yet another wonderful breakfast by Mrs. Hannah. Rory is off to camp in northern Ontario this morning, and now we are down to 2 bus drivers, but with nearly 10,000 miles behind us, driving around New England is almost too easy. We’re headed for the Boston Common on which the fabulous Melissa Lynch ’06 has secured us a permit to park the bus. We spent most of the day showing the bus and spreading our message to the very receptive passers-by. A quick game of ultimate with a local summer league team is followed by a very nice dinner at the Garrity household in Hingham, Mass complete with many excited and interested family friends and neighbors. We’re all beginning to realize that the trip is nearly over, and not yet sure what to think of that.

August 1 2005

Well, Wildwood was quite the stunning tournament. Friday night, it rained about two inches, so when we got to the beach Saturday morning, most of it was underwater. That did not bother us, however, as we are use to Hanover weather. The tournament had 180 teams entered, and we were in the non-competitive 2 men / 2 woman division. Beach ultimate only has four players on the field at one time, which took us some time to get use to. We started out the day a bit slow, losing our first game on universe point to a spirited team.

After our first game, we watched both the '07 team and a team of older alums playing, as they were both entered in the 3 man / 1 woman division and so were playing during our byes. They both played really well, with lots of crazy layouts and huge hammers. It was great having so many Dartmouth players rocking the beach in New Jersey. We won our next three games, putting us into the quarterfinals of our division.

After a fun evening of hanging out with the '07s at our campsite, singing songs and catching up on gossip, we came out and won three straight games to take our division by storm. The final game was a nailbiter; it was a best of 3 series, and we just barely won with 7-5, 6-7, and 5-4. The other team had some excellent college players that gave us a serious set of games, but we pulled it out in the end.

After a crazy drive to upstate NJ, we stopped at my house in Basking Ridge for a well earned dinner and sleep. We slept in super late, then completely cleaned the bus as we seemed to have taken half the beach with us on the bus. After much food from my mother and a small bus adjustment, the newly cleaned Big Green Bus headed to Pleasantville, NY to see Crank's family!

- Ariel