The Big Green Bus considers the development and implementation of non-fossil-fuel based sources of energy to be one of the most important environmental issues facing us today. Alternative fuels education and action is the cornerstone of our project's mission, and increasingly necessary as fossil fuels sources continue to be depleted. This section contains information both on our project and many other current and future alternative energy technologies.

Our Project

Our project consists of converting a normal diesel school bus to run on waste vegetable oil instead of fossil-fuel based diesel fuels. We achieve this by adding a second tank to hold the vegetable oil. The bus starts on normal diesel fuel and uses the heat from the engine to warm the vegetable oil, lowering its viscosity and allowing it to flow through the engine.

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  • Converting the Bus
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  • Diesel Engines
  • Research on Vegetable Oil Based Fuels

  • Current Energy Concerns

    The United States is currently dependent on fossil fuels to power both transportation and industry, and produces 25% of worldwide greenhouse gases. Exciting alternatives to fossil fuels exist right now:
  • Current Greenhouse Emissions
  • Fossil Fuels
  • Current Major Alternatives
  • Developing Alternatives

  • Alternative Fuels

    In addition to vegetable oil fuels, there are many other sources of fuel in development.
  • Electric Cars
  • Ethanol
  • Fuel Cells
  • Hybrid Cars
  • Natural Gas and Propane