2012 Competition in Review


And the winners are...


First Prize
Second Prize
The Spectacular Consulting Club
Yang Shen Th ’12
Yicai Bao Th ’12
Vedant Rathi Th ’12
Boyu Zhang Th ’12
The Consultants
Saaid Arshad ’14
Jonathan Pedde ’14
Haider Syed Th ’13



From Candidates

This was the best way to get hands-on experience in the consulting world in a group setting. Everyone on our team had different strong points, and we learned to divide the work and brainstorm ideas efficiently.

- Vedant Rathi Th ’12

"The competition also allowed us to consider the possibility of careers in consulting."

- Yicai Bao Th '12

From Judges

You need not only be the business type to work in consulting. The lack of an actual business major is a major reason why we recruit here at Dartmouth. It makes it more diverse, and that third party perspective is also the reason why companies would hire consultants.

- Mat Ackerman ’05 Th ’06, Axia Consulting

“It was great to see Dartmouth students getting involved like this. It’s good to see how it’s evolved and how the reach has grown.”

- John Engstrom Th ’10, Oliver Wyman

From Organizers

We felt that we needed to create a more prestigious kind of competition here at Dartmouth, and one way to do that was by increasing the prize money from last year, especially since we didn’t have enough money to offer a second place prize. We presented Oliver Wyman and Axia with proposals on why they should be involved. They could work directly with students and liked the idea that we would be partners for months.

- Rezwan Khan Th '13, Thayer Consulting Club President


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