Displayed below are 9 graphic styles from which you can choose to create your website.

Each person or group has its own unique personality and image, so below you will find templates that are identical structurally, but provide a wide range of style/color variations. The style elements of the templates are drawn from a Cascading Style Sheet (commonly referred to as CSS) and some specific images to create their unique styles. When you make a choice from the options below, you will receive the styling along with the template's predefined file structure. Thayer School Computing Services will help you place your template filesystem onto your designated web space and configure it to be ready for you to edit with Adobe Contribute.

If you have some knowledge of the process of building websites, you may be familiar with the process of uploading these files to the sever via FTP transfer. Looking at the file structure via FTP, you will see folders for CSS and images. It is important that this file structure and the corresponding folders not be altered or you may lose some or all of the styling of your template.

Once you've decided on which style your site will use and contacted Alison to begin the configuration process, please proceed on to Step 03: Sitemap

Style 1: Preview | Download
Template 1

Style 2: Preview | Download
Template 2

Style 3: Preview | Download
Template 3

Style 4: Preview | Download
Template 4

Style 5: Preview | Download
Template 5

Style 6: Preview | Download
Template 6

Style 7: Preview | Download
Template 7

Style 8: Preview | Download
Template 8

Style 9: Preview | Download
Template 9