Template Instructions

Thayer School of Engineering

sample templates

Shells of webpages, called "templates," have been created to enable Thayer groups and individuals to build customized websites.

These websites will allow, for example, research groups to showcase their work and research in more detail than can be shown on Thayer's main website. The instructions in this guide will walk you through the process of using the templates to create your personalized website.

Below you will find an general overview of how to use the templates. Begin by reading the instructions and becoming familiar with the whole process. They will guide you through choosing the style of your template, understanding the structure of the site, and using Adobe Contribute in specific ways to create the various content and style types present in these templates. It is suggested that you fully read through these instructions before beginning.

Using the templates:

Step 1: Overview
Familiarize yourself with the purpose of these templates.

Step 2: Styles
Browse the various template designs available for you to use.

Step 3: Sitemap
Understand the default structure of the site and allow you to decide on the content you wish to include on each page. At this stage you can determine how your needs vary from the default option presented by these templates.

Go ahead and proceed to Step 02: Styles