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Graduate and undergraduate students currently active in the SuperDARN project at Dartmouth.

Tim Palinski
Ph.D. student: Improving SuperDARN geolocation.


Past Members

Dat Nguyen 2012-2013, M.S.
Correlation between geomagnetic indices and cross polar cap potential measurements from SuperDARN

Scott Brookes 2012-2014, UG
Radar fabrication for MSI; device drivers for SuperDARN ROS.

Erik Skarin 2012-2013, UG
Radar fabrication for MSI.

Ellen Pettigrew Cousins 2005-2008, UG; 2008-2012, Ph.D.
Statistical Analysis and Empirical Modeling of Large- and Small-Scale Plasma Drifts in Earth's High-Latitude Ionospheres

Beth McCubbin 2010-2012, M.S.
Neutral Wind Determination from SuperDARN Backscatter: Technique and Application to the Study of Atmospheric Waves and Tides

Yuanming Chen 2007-2008, M.S.
Multi-Spectral-Peak Detection Algorithm for Autorcorrelation Functions or Radar Signals

Mike Holliday 2004-2005, Honors Thesis; 2005-2007, M.S.
Modeling and Analysis Ionospheric Current Systems Formed in Response to Sudden Impulse Events

Alice Bradley 2011, honors thesis

Max McClorey 2011, honors thesis
Control Programs for SuperDARN Radars

Vipul Kakkad 2010
Summer intern helped buld Oregon SuperDARN radars

Matt Knight 2010
Summer intern helped buld Oregon SuperDARN radars