SuperDARN Oregon Project

Activities related to the Oregon SuperDARN radars near Christmas Valley, Oregon.

Radar Maintenance

Priority Activity Duration Manpower Equipment Date Completed
Medium Fix Bad Antenna (W13) .5 days 2 people hi-lift
Medium Inspect Antenna Connections .5 days 2 people hi-lift
Low Replace Lightning Arrestor (E??) 1 hour 2 people hi-lift
Low Inspect Reflector Connections few hours 2 people hi-lift
Low Replace Tranzeo few hours Greg + one hi-lift
High Ground Poles 1 day 1-2 people big wrench
Medium Sell Excess LMR Jeff Stimson
Medium Check and Secure Guy to Pulleys few hours 1 person hogrings
Medium Fill Holes in Trenches 1 day 1-2 people bobcat?
Medium Clear Scrub along Arrays half-day 1 person ATV dragging fence?
Low Retension/Align Poles 1 long day 2-3 people Theodolite
High Replace DIO Card 1 hour 1 person hardware on-site
High Replace Phasing Crate few hours one + Jef (remote?) hardware on-site
High Replace Bad Phasing Cards few hours one + Jef (remote?) hardware on-site
High Fix Transmitters 1 day 2 people PIN Diodes, MCR100-8
High Diagnose Possible Computer Problem ? one + Jef (remote?)
High Diagnose Network Switch Problem ? one + Jef (remote?)
Medium Install Building Camera few hours one need network fixed
Low Install Weather Station few hours one need network-ready model
Low Fly Over few hours one need quadcopter and camera...


Priority Item Source Date Purchased
High PIN Diodes (MA4P4006B-402)
High HP T/R MCR (MCR100-8)
Low Couch
Low Area Rug
Low Coffee Table
Low Coat Rack or Hangers
Low Dish Cabinet