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Dynamics of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling


Heliophysics Theory Project

Dartmouth College

Sponsored by NASA Heliophysics Science Division


Principal Investigator: William Lotko

Co-Investigators: Peter Damiano, Richard Denton, John Lyon, Barrett Rogers, Anatoly Streltsov

Collaborators: Allan Burns, Wenbin Wang, Mike Wiltberger (all at NCAR/HAO)


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Project Summary


Objectives and Methodology:

This project is motivated by the overarching question: How does mass exchange between the magnetosphere and ionosphere influence the behavior of the integrated system including electrodynamic and inertial linkages? Current understanding of the MI interaction has been derived largely from studies of electrodynamic coupling. This investigation takes a major step in determining how the electrodynamic interaction is influenced by mass exchange and vice versa. The numerical simulation models to be used for this study will challenge the state-of-the-art in treating the constituent regions as a single integrated system. More specifically, the effects of solar wind-magnetospheric dynamics on low-altitude energy deposition, and the effects of ionospheric activity on the magnetosphere including mass and energy transport, will be investigated via simulation of the 1) global multifluid-magnetohydrodynamics of the solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere interaction; 2) reduced, compressible multifluid electrodynamics of auroral and polar-cusp flux tubes; and 3) gyrokinetics of collisionless energization and transport in Alfvénic structures and current, vorticity and density layers.

Anticipated scientific innovations include new understanding of the multifluid magnetohydrodynamics of geospace including the effects of variable mass composition; of the impacts of inductive electrodynamics on ionospheric outflows in the cusp and auroral-polar cap boundary regions; and of the wave-particle gyrokinetics of nonlinearly coupled ion sound and shear Alfvén waves. A legacy of the project will be a causal, predictive model for time-variable exchange of mass flux, electron energy flux and Poynting flux between the magnetosphere and ionosphere.

Relevance to NASA Strategic Objectives:

By advancing the state-of-the-art in treating the magnetosphere-ionosphere as a single integrated system, this project directly supports NASA’s 2006 Strategic Plan, strategic sub-goal 3B: Understand the Sun and its effects on Earth and the solar system, including fundamental physical processes of the space environment and the development of capabilities to predict extreme and dynamic conditions in space. It is well-aligned with the current Roadmap for Heliophysics Science and Technology 2005-2035 which recognizes that “the exchange of mass and energy [that couple the inner and outer regimes of geospace] must be understood before predictive capabilities … can be developed.”


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