Comments from Former REU in Nanomaterials Participants

Favorite Places to Eat

  • Food Court
  • Thayer Dining Hall
  • EBAS (of course)

Event/Venue that Shouldn't Be Missed

  • Tubestock, hiking in the mountains (Cardigan, Washington, Gile, etc.), fireworks, when they open the bell tower, the ropeswing, golf, a lot of stuff actually.
  • Make sure you try the gelato at the Hop.
  • If you're a geek like me, see if you can get to the Flea@MIT.

Most Memorable Event

  • Tour of the various labs ~ very cool.
  • Being lured into Theta with EBAS breadsticks promises.

Advice to Participants

  • Apply and have a very fun, interesting, and lucrative summer!
  • Life's too short.
  • Don't put yourself in a bad situation just for breadsticks.
  • Program EBAS number into your phone and eat with friends.
  • Montreal is only a short drive away. Peel Pub has great Poutine late at night.
  • It's all about a good throw save - work to master this skill.
  • Find some time to get your REU work done too.

These comments were submitted by former REU participants. If you participated in the Dartmouth Molecular Materials or CNR@D REU summer programs in the past, add your comments too. Thank you!