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Analog computing and biological simulations get a boost from new MIT compiler
June 21, 2016 | TechCrunch

Dartmouth engineering professor Rahul Sarpeshkar is part of a team that created a compiler that turns human-readable digital code into a configuration for analog computing circuits.

Dartmouth graduated more women than men in engineering this year
June 20, 2016 | TechCrunch

Dartmouth just became the first national research university to graduate more women than men in the engineering department.

First lady of lasers
June 10, 2016 | NH Union Leader

Elsa Garmire will be retiring from Dartmouth's faculty in October. She has worked in the field of laser technology since the 1960s.

Dartmouth College student invents device to help running injuries
June 3, 2016 | WCAX-TV

Robert Halvorsen '17 says he's inventing a device that could change the way runners' injuries are diagnosed.

Innovator of the Week: Lidia Vald├ęs, Co-Founder of Lodestone Biomedical
May 26, 2016 | Live Free and Start

Lidia Valdés D'14 Th'15 is co-founder and CEO of Lodestone Biomedical—a spinoff from Professor Solomon Diamond's lab.

Bad at math? Don’t tell your kids
May 24, 2016 | MPR News

Math anxiety is "an actual thing, and it can be measured" Professor Petra Bonfert-Taylor told MPR News host Tom Weber.

Time, Technical Challenges Thwart Dartmouth Formula Racing Team
May 21, 2016 | Valley News

The Dartmouth Formula Racing team was competing at the 2016 Formula Hybrid competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Steelers using robotic tackling dummies during workouts
May 20, 2016 | ESPN

The Pittsburgh Steelers are running offseason workouts with robotic tackling dummies, thanks to new technology from Dartmouth.

Dartmouth College plans engineering school expansion
May 16, 2016 | Boston Globe

Dartmouth has received a $25 million gift that it hopes will launch a significant expansion of its Thayer School of Engineering.

Dartmouth MOOC Uses Cartoons To Teach Engineering Basics
May 12, 2016 | NHPR

A MOOC at Dartmouth uses illustrations made by the Vermont Center for Cartoon Studies to help teach basic engineering concepts.

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RSS FeedThayer School News

Media contact

Catharine Lamm
Director of Public Information