Part with Rectangular Profile with "Tracking"

For milling operations follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the Mill is in clean condition and ready for use. Follow the Maintenance and Cleaning Steps taped on the side of each mill in the Machine Shop.
  2. Obtain a 3”x 4.125”x .5” Aluminum 6061 stock, or a larger size stock.
  3. Place 1/8” X 1 ½” X 6” parallels on vise and set piece on top oriented as shown on part diagram. Ensure at least half the height of piece is exposed and remaining part is held by vise. About 0.25” of part should stick out from the side of the vice.
  4. Load 2  Flute 1/2” End Mill and climb mill 0.03” from side sticking out.
  5. Turn part and climb mill opposite side to dimension part. Note: Consult TA or instructor before conducting both operations.
  6. Load Edge Finder and set origin on upper left corner of the piece against the fixed jaw of the vise.
  7. Setting the tool parameters:
    • Since the program will be set to run with tool #1, scroll using DATA UP or DATA DOWN to get to tool #1.
    • Type 0.500 then click ABS SET.
    • Type 4 for Finish End Mill and hit ABS SET
    • Return to DRO and load the 2 Flute 1/2” End Mill.
    • Set Z origin on the top surface of the part by touching off the base of the tool against the surface and type Z = 0 then press ABS SET.

    8. Erase old program:


    9. Confirm mill is set to 2 axis mode. If in 3 axis, press SYS – GO TO 2      AXIS – MODE

    10. Programming the single mill profile event:

    • For “X1”, type 0.125 and press ABS SET
    • For “Y1”, type -0.125 and press ABS SET
    • For “X3”, type 3.875 and press ABS SET
    • For “Y3”, type -2.875 and press ABS SET
    • For “CONRAD”, type 0.125 and press ABS SET. Note: This is the radius for the corners of the profile.
    • For “Direction”, type 1 for clockwise and press ABS SET
    • For “Tool Offset”, type 2 to offset to the left of the path then press ABS SET
    • For “Fin Cut”, type 0.010 then press ABS SET
    • For “RPM” type 3000 and press ABS SET
    • For “Feedrate”, type 6 and press ABS SET
    • For Fin RPM type 3200 then press ABS SET
    • For “Tool #”, type 1 then press ABS SET
    • For “Fin Feedrate”, type 4 and press ABS SET.
    • Note: Consult a machine shop TA or instructor for confirmation.
    • For “Tool #”, type 1 then press ABS SET
    • Press LOOK to confirm profile

    11. Checking tool path profile:

  • MODE – SET UP- TOOL PATH Note: Consult a TA or instructor if an error message appears

    12. Conducting a trial run: (Note: The spindle must be retracted from the part surface before carrying out the trial run)

  • Close guard doors
  • Click MODE – RUN – TRIAL RUN – GO
  • Ensure that the machine follows the correct tool path

    13. Running the program:

  • Close guard doors
  • Load the 2-Flute 1/4” End Mill
  • Start the spindle, adjust the air then press GO for “CNC RUN”. Note: Pressing TRACKING overrides automated control, enabling user to mill manually by turning the electronic hand wheels.
  • When prompted to SET Z, move the spindle down to z = -0.125” and lock the quill.
  • Press GO to run the program.
  • When finished raise the spindle when program prompted to CHECK Z, then press GO.
  • Turn off spindle and air then inspect part.
  • Unclamp part and use a Deburring Tool to remove burrs from machined edges. Your part is ready for inspection